General Mask Questions

Why should I use medical grade disposable face masks?

Medical masks are designed to act as a barrier to spreading droplets and other respiratory fluids. The 3-layer system with filtration fabric built into the mask aims to prevent and/or minimize fluid transfer. By wearing a medical mask, you can help protect yourself and others from droplets exhaled by the wearer through speaking, coughing, or sneezing.

It should especially be used when wearer(s) is/are unable to maintain physical distancing.

How do I put on my mask?

  1. Coloured side faces out.
  2. Loop straps around ears.
  3. Pinch the metal strip to fit nose.
  4. Stretch mask to cover mouth and nose fully.

* Avoid use if metal strip is in poor condition.

Do you have smaller sizes?

We currently only carry Adult Standard sizes for all of our masks. However, please see the video below to see how you can customize our masks to your face shape/size.

Can I order custom colours and designs?

Yes absolutely! Please send us an email at with your preferred colour or design and desired quantity and we will get back to you shortly. There will be a minimum order of 100,000 pieces (2000 boxes) per custom order.

Medical Masks vs. Non-Medical Masks (ie. cloth)

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Mask Quality

What level masks do you produce?

We currently produce Level 1 and Level 2 masks for retail. For Level 3, please contact for assistance.

What is your MDEL number?

Our Medical Device Establishment License is 13432.

What testing methods do you use?

ASTM F2299/F2299M-03 tested and certified. ASTM F2100-19 tested and certified. EN14683:2019 tested and certified.

What does SGS mean?

"SGS IBR is the world leader in state of art testing for:

  • Verification of filtration performance in air, water, oil and fuel.
  • Consumer Appliance Filtration Performance”

“Test methods are industry standards (ASTM, SAE, IEST, IEC, EN, ISO, NSF, etc.).”

Your masks are indicated as > or equal to 98% BFE and PFE, what does that mean?

BFE stands for Bacteria Filtration Efficiency PFE stands for Particle Filtration Efficiency This means that our masks are able to filter out 98% or more of bacteria and particle fluids that would otherwise pass through your mask.

Factory Quality

What standards does your factory meet?

Our production facility is ISO CLass 7 Certified and is a Class 10,000 clean room.